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We are among the world’s major providers of aviation Fuel, grease and lubricants and a key facilitator for development and diversification of the Gulf region in Saudi Arabia towards 2030 Vision.
We have been the strategic partner in Emirates for nearly 20 years in the Kingdom and we have been an important partner in Saudi Arabia’s economic development. From the outset, we have been one of the main growth catalysts. We are actually one of Saudi Arabia’s first enterprises, and the quality of millions of life have been affected positively and permanently by our job.

Since 2003, we have given tens of thousands of employment and contributed significantly to Saudi Arabia’s ongoing drive to expand the economy and to sustainably development goods from transformation of raw oil into petroleum materials, fuel products for cars, airplanes and marine products (gasoline, diesel and diesel oil) into oil refinery products.

Executive Chairman's Message:​

Engineer Youssif Bin Ahmed​

Golden Horse is convinced that the precious input of its staff drives its achievement. Golden Horse is one of the world’s major aircraft fuel, oil and gasoline distributors and lubrication and grease producers..

Since its inception, the leadership of Golden Horse has obviously described its vision as a leader in the field of high quality lubricants and energy supply by implementing highest sector norms, developing community services, and sustaining superior efficiency through technology and renewable energy production.
In relation to our hard work to keep customer satisfaction, our achievement is a consequence of the powerful dedication our company acquired to deliver high-quality facilities and products.
We are dedicated to maximizing our asset quality and remaining a confident and dependable worldwide energy provider for our nation and consumers ‘ long-term gain.
Our Products Range include
Wide Spectrum Of The Finest Blends In Oils & Lubricants

Jet Fuel
Marine Fuel
Crude Oil

Premium engine oil
Gasoline engine oil
Diesel Engine Oil
Gas Engine Oil

Premium Engine Oil
Diesel Engine Oil
Gas Engine Oil


ATF/CVTF/DCTF Auto Transmission
Manual Transmission/Axle
Tractor Oil

Power steering

Long Life
All seasons Hvi Type
Aw Type
R&O Type

Turbine Oil
Compressor oil
Gear Oil
Machine Oil
Circulating Oil
Slideway Oil
Spindle Oil
Air Tool Oil
Heat Transfer Fluid
Process Oil
Transformer Oil

Ep Type

Cylinder Oil
System Oil
Trunk Piston
Engine Oil

Growth Opportunities

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

 – Lao Tzu

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Our Main Principles

Our Vision

Strengthening global and local alliances to promote the conversion and development of the Kingdom and the Middle East industry by continued investments in local expertise and possibilities by providing innovative, sustainable, transparent alternatives, high-tech material and a constantly strengthening financial basis.

Our Mission

To offer our clients innovative products and facilities, honor and nurture our staff, help our society, produce stable and superior economic outcomes while respecting high standards of ethics.


Our Objective

We strive continually for efficient, safe and timely delivery of high-quality goods and services to our clients.

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